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This is a slightly different painting than usual insofar as this was a gift! The first time I watched the livestream of one of my now-favourite casters, he was playing this game. I guess I got hooked on it, and it became something of a running joke for me to suggest he play it every time he was looking for something else to do. I painted this for him in secret, so the first time he unwrapped it he had no idea what to expect!

There actually exists a video of him unveiling the painting, which I will embed under the cut. Read more... )

I think he was pleased with it! I really had a lot of fun painting it, especially as it was a silly break from more serious stuff I was painting at the time.

I have a few real-life entries to make which I will get around to hopefully later on! For now have some other pics of the Mario painting.

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Another slightly older one, this is my Shadow of the Colossus painting! This was the third painting I started, back in May, and the biggest one I'd done at the time. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to sell this one or not... I may, at some point, as I keep improving by leaps and bounds every time I do a painting. What I think was my best work last month suddenly isn't any more... Initially I wanted to put this on my wall, but now I'm thinking I want to put my Skyrim painting on the wall instead!

In any case, I am thinking of doing a counterpart to this painting at some point in the future. This shows the more lighthearted side of the game; the exploration, the world at large. I'll probably do a close-up, darker painting of Wander climbing on one of the colossi at some point. Sort of tempted to put this up in my Etsy store.. But no, I will resist. For now.

Since [personal profile] aeslis was talking about seeing progress shots, I do actually have a bunch for this painting! I also paint live online on my streaming channel where people can come and watch me working on things, so maybe one day I'll post a link here before I do a session. It's fun to chat with people while painting, it keeps me focused and from getting bored and distracted and wandering off.

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I know I should probably start posting art oldest-first, but seeing as I just finished this painting yesterday I thought I'd start here!

Since I came back to England in May I've been painting on canvas. This is actually one of the earlier ones I started (I think the second one) and as a result I don't like it as much... It's hard to believe how much I've learned in the few months since I began. When I came back to it I realised I could have done a lot better than I have with this, but I re-worked some of it - repainting the trees almost entirely - and I am pleased with where it's ended up at the very least.

I pick video game paintings based on the aesthetic of the game rather than how much I like the game in question. I have multiple copies of Sword & Sworcery but have yet to put much time into it! I really should remedy that. Luckily for me, my housemate in London loves this game and already laid claim to this before I finished it, so it always had a place to go once it was finished and was guaranteed to make me a little bit of cash. Which is always good!

Currently I'm working on three unfinished paintings (Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Bastion) but I keep starting new ones. I'm terrible. Maybe tomorrow I'll post up one of the other finished ones. :)
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I've been reminiscing over Dragon Half rather too much lately.
Last night, I couldn't sleep, and I desperately wanted to sketch something on paper - since I have been working digitally again ever since I scanned in that ink drawing of Sephiroth and Cloud I'm working on at the moment. There's something so much nicer about working in natural media that I wish I could think of more things to draw with it.
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I meant to post this yesterday, but... I forgot 8D

I haven't actually drawn anything for a few days, so I need to get back on that. I've been a bit burned out by the time I get home in the evenings lately, though. Aaanyway. This was just one of those little doodlies that I did while I was watching tv and trying to think of something better to draw in the meantime. What happened to the black on the right side of the picture? I'mmmm.... Not sure. 8D I sort of forgot to draw it. That's what you get for doodling while you watch documentaries.

I think if I did it again, I'd want to add in more hair.

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I can't really tell if this came out the way I expected it to, or not.
As for the technical (ha!) details: it's all in pen. 8D
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But honestly, only because I was asked to. XD

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Goat-headed four-armed god-of-something is now done!

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Yes, to all of the above! Maybe!

  When I got home today, instead of sitting down and doing work, or indeed working on finishing off the drawing I have going, I doodled this. What is it? Well, I don't know really, but I rather like it. I'll think of a name later, but all I know for the moment is that it's a benevolent nature spirit of some kind. Am I sounding all Ghibli, yet? In any case, it would probably let you ride it if you could ever catch it sitting down (which it almost never does, since its joints don't work very well and it rarely gets tired). It likes butterflies, but birds get annoying and pull at its hair. The tiny little T-Rex arms are used mainly to push branches out of eye-level. It's very careful about where it puts its feet, and very slow-moving.

Completely drawn in pen! :D

P.S. I'm still not very good at scanning. :(
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Today has been a pretty shitty day, so have some more colourful card-shaped things.

For some reason, this is one of my favourites, though I really couldn't tell you why.

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For a week or two, I've been making cards at work. This whole project started out as (a) something for me to do, and (b) something to give the kids as prizes other than stickers. To be sure, my students love stickers, but I think this is more personal. I've scanned in the few I made yesterday and today to show you. I have more, but I'll get to scanning the backlog another day.. I think this is more than enough for now!

Of course, I'm going to put the prettiest one as my preview.

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The long-awaited scanner finally arrived today! This means I can start posting some of the silly things I've been drawing on paper in my spare time, and hopefully will encourage me to work more and learn some new things while I'm at it. I haven't touched these pictures up yet, since I'm tired after work and don't really feel like slaving over my tablet... But I will try to get the wrinkles out of the paper with the clone tool later, and perhaps add something of a... background or surrounding to some of them, perhaps. In any case, here are some previews:

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All three of these drawings could benefit from touching up and a bit of digital manipulation... While I'd really like to dedicate myself to doing that, I'm not sure if I will just for the moment.. I'm still playing and learning, and I'd rather be drawing new things than sticking around on the same three things that I've spent the last few weeks on. Still, valuable learning experiences, and I think that they are gradually turning out better and better! I think my next experiment will involve actual watercolour paper, for one thing, so that I don't get the funky warped effect that I am far too lazy to clone-stamp away right now.

Comments of course, are perfectly welcome ♥
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