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I bought more art supplies on the way home today!

  A larger sketch pad for working with water and marker. A sepia (!!!!!) fine liner which I predict I will be seriously in love with. Two more copics, since I left my entire collection of markers at home (these two are "pale fruit pink" and "pale blue grey". For skin and metal respectively.) The five warm, peachy colours above that are brush markers I've never tried before that are apparently water soluble in the same way as my current watercolour crayons, so I'm going to give them a try. If they work out then I'll have five extra much-needed skin tone shades.

  And of course, I am now officially the coolest person ever with my Yatterman shitajiki. Okay, it was an impulse buy. I saw it and was like "YES I TOTALLY NEED YATTERMAN TO PROTECT THE PAGE BELOW THE ONE I AM WORKING ON FROM INK BLEEDTHROUGH." XD

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Today has been a pretty shitty day, so have some more colourful card-shaped things.

For some reason, this is one of my favourites, though I really couldn't tell you why.

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For a week or two, I've been making cards at work. This whole project started out as (a) something for me to do, and (b) something to give the kids as prizes other than stickers. To be sure, my students love stickers, but I think this is more personal. I've scanned in the few I made yesterday and today to show you. I have more, but I'll get to scanning the backlog another day.. I think this is more than enough for now!

Of course, I'm going to put the prettiest one as my preview.

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The long-awaited scanner finally arrived today! This means I can start posting some of the silly things I've been drawing on paper in my spare time, and hopefully will encourage me to work more and learn some new things while I'm at it. I haven't touched these pictures up yet, since I'm tired after work and don't really feel like slaving over my tablet... But I will try to get the wrinkles out of the paper with the clone tool later, and perhaps add something of a... background or surrounding to some of them, perhaps. In any case, here are some previews:

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All three of these drawings could benefit from touching up and a bit of digital manipulation... While I'd really like to dedicate myself to doing that, I'm not sure if I will just for the moment.. I'm still playing and learning, and I'd rather be drawing new things than sticking around on the same three things that I've spent the last few weeks on. Still, valuable learning experiences, and I think that they are gradually turning out better and better! I think my next experiment will involve actual watercolour paper, for one thing, so that I don't get the funky warped effect that I am far too lazy to clone-stamp away right now.

Comments of course, are perfectly welcome ♥
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I've made quite a return to Tegaki E recently, but have yet to post any of the work... So here's one I did today (plus some cute doodling in the comments of another entry!). I really should post these to [community profile] tegaki , but as yet I am the only person there, which feels a little bit sad! 
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I will post up some of the stuff I've been doing on Tegaki E in a little bit, but first have some fluff (otherwise known as not proper pictures of art, but pictures of me doing art) until I buy a scanner. If my plans for tomorrow fall through because it's raining, I'll see what I can do about getting one of those then.. Because I am in love with those watercolours I bought, and taking photos of them just doesn't convey the subtlety of the colour at all.

For now! This is May 4th's workspace:

(To see it bigger, copy and paste the location into your browser address bar)

So, I have my entertainment - otherwise known as season 2 of Bad Girls, disc 1. I have DW up on screen, as you can see! I have my art supplies to my left, though they're currently buried beneath the watercolour set and you can't see how many pens I've "borrowed" from work. There's a bottle of coke zero there, since I have yet today to make a cup of coffee. My phone is next to it - yeah, that blank black brick :D Thennn what's this we have here? Work in progress? Let's take a sneaky closer look....


Ooh! This is why I want a scanner.
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My new friend I think he saw me This is Nagasaki

All but the last one taken in Sakamoto International Cemetery, which is just up the road from me and one of my favourite spots to hide out in. Lots of wildlife, lots of things to look at. It's quiet and makes a good place for me to read my book on sunny days. I especially like the ones of the grasshopper, of course. He was so docile! Photo of the bikes taken as cover while I waited to get a better shot of some taxi drivers, but no luck there. *sniff* I wasn't having a very good day for subtle photography, as evidenced by the third photo. XD
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It's been a long time since I worked much with natural media. Or if I'm honest, it's been a long time since I drew much of anything at all.. But that hasn't diminished my love for the materials themselves, and I still salivate when I get let loose in a stationary shop... As this ¥7,000 haul of pretty colours testifies to!


Let's hope I have lots of pretty things to show for it, soon. :)


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