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Another slightly older one, this is my Shadow of the Colossus painting! This was the third painting I started, back in May, and the biggest one I'd done at the time. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to sell this one or not... I may, at some point, as I keep improving by leaps and bounds every time I do a painting. What I think was my best work last month suddenly isn't any more... Initially I wanted to put this on my wall, but now I'm thinking I want to put my Skyrim painting on the wall instead!

In any case, I am thinking of doing a counterpart to this painting at some point in the future. This shows the more lighthearted side of the game; the exploration, the world at large. I'll probably do a close-up, darker painting of Wander climbing on one of the colossi at some point. Sort of tempted to put this up in my Etsy store.. But no, I will resist. For now.

Since [personal profile] aeslis was talking about seeing progress shots, I do actually have a bunch for this painting! I also paint live online on my streaming channel where people can come and watch me working on things, so maybe one day I'll post a link here before I do a session. It's fun to chat with people while painting, it keeps me focused and from getting bored and distracted and wandering off.

Kinda interesting, no?


Date: 2012-09-17 12:45 pm (UTC)
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Wow I really, really love that! And what an ideal game to make paintings out of! Very awesome :D


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