Aug. 8th, 2009

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...It's building a life-size one.

  I have to admit, I'm not exactly the world's greatest Gundam fan; when it comes to giant robots, I'm an Evangelion fangirl. But I have had my flings with Gundam in the past, and I couldn't possibly pass up the chance to go and stand in the shadow of a real life giant robot. After an aborted attempt to get out to Odaiba and see it last weekend, I finally made the plunge on Thursday evening with a new friend of mine. What can I say? It was awesome!

  The only trouble, of course, is that once you've got there and gone, "Oh wow that's so cool it's a giant fucking gundam!!!" there's not much else to do. You can take photos, of course - I did. But then there's this awkward silence while you stare at it and wonder who's going to be the first to say, "shall we go, then?".

  We got there just in time to see it moving. There's some narrative in the background ("Is that Gackt?" I asked, feeling like an idiot. Of course it was.) and the head swivels - it's all very fluid and believable. We speculated about whether or not there was actually a cockpit you could climb into, but since they auctioned off the chance to have your photo taken standing on its shoulder, I'm guessing that there isn't. And for those of you with currency issues, yes - the final auction price was around £16,000.

  The two photos above are the ones taken on my DSLR that I uploaded to my flickr stream (click thumbnails to view), but for anyone interested in the whole set - most of which were taken on my cellphone - the link to my post on MoBlog is here. It made it to featured highlights! :D Though how could it not - it's a giant fucking robot. I'd highlight it. Twice.

  Now to decide whether it's actually enough to make me download the series or not....


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