May. 11th, 2009

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The long-awaited scanner finally arrived today! This means I can start posting some of the silly things I've been drawing on paper in my spare time, and hopefully will encourage me to work more and learn some new things while I'm at it. I haven't touched these pictures up yet, since I'm tired after work and don't really feel like slaving over my tablet... But I will try to get the wrinkles out of the paper with the clone tool later, and perhaps add something of a... background or surrounding to some of them, perhaps. In any case, here are some previews:

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All three of these drawings could benefit from touching up and a bit of digital manipulation... While I'd really like to dedicate myself to doing that, I'm not sure if I will just for the moment.. I'm still playing and learning, and I'd rather be drawing new things than sticking around on the same three things that I've spent the last few weeks on. Still, valuable learning experiences, and I think that they are gradually turning out better and better! I think my next experiment will involve actual watercolour paper, for one thing, so that I don't get the funky warped effect that I am far too lazy to clone-stamp away right now.

Comments of course, are perfectly welcome ♥


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