May. 4th, 2009

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I will post up some of the stuff I've been doing on Tegaki E in a little bit, but first have some fluff (otherwise known as not proper pictures of art, but pictures of me doing art) until I buy a scanner. If my plans for tomorrow fall through because it's raining, I'll see what I can do about getting one of those then.. Because I am in love with those watercolours I bought, and taking photos of them just doesn't convey the subtlety of the colour at all.

For now! This is May 4th's workspace:

(To see it bigger, copy and paste the location into your browser address bar)

So, I have my entertainment - otherwise known as season 2 of Bad Girls, disc 1. I have DW up on screen, as you can see! I have my art supplies to my left, though they're currently buried beneath the watercolour set and you can't see how many pens I've "borrowed" from work. There's a bottle of coke zero there, since I have yet today to make a cup of coffee. My phone is next to it - yeah, that blank black brick :D Thennn what's this we have here? Work in progress? Let's take a sneaky closer look....


Ooh! This is why I want a scanner.


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